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Princess feelings with the floral midi skirt

floral midi skirt

Almost every girl wants to feel like a princess. Its funny how a floral midi skirt can wake up those feelings in me.Sometimes I get emotionally attached to some of my clothes, especially if they are gifted.  Gestures mean a lot for me.  In june I turned 27 and one of biggest birthday surprises came from my mother in law. Last year I noticed this floral midi skirt at our trip to Moldova, but for some reason I didn’t buy it. As soon as we came back to Vienna, I felt regret.

Few months back I mentioned it in front of my mother in law, not even thinking  she would remember. I shortly describe the floral print and forgot about it. I never imagined she would remember it.  Not only she remembered the brand, the  size , but also exact print and color  I wanted.  Couple days before my birthday postman brought me a package sent by my mother in law. She did all of that, without me knowing . I was so surprised and grateful , not only for a gift but also for a thought and all effort. I was so touched and proud of knowing how much she cares about me.

Fun fact, the scarf I’m wearing is also a gift from her. It’s an amazing Valentino scarf with floral print, which matches perfectly to skirt. She didn’t only gifted me with an amazing hubby, but also she pays attention to me and cares about my wishes. I seriously  cannot believe how lucky I am. I know how many women have problems or disagreements with their in laws. Luckily I have greatest mother in law, ever . Maybe sounds like Im bragging, but it’s true. I Thank you, from all my heart  for all your gifts, especially your son. I love you  MOM!

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13 thoughts on “Princess feelings with the floral midi skirt

  1. What a cute outfit! U are really rocking it 😛
    Ernsthafterweise noch: Tolles Outfit, finde deine Fotos super ansprechend und sehr natürlich. Nachkaufen werde ich ihn allerdings nicht. Glaub der passt nicht zu meinem Hauttyp 😛

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