Aigner , the love story

My Aigner  love story  began in late 2015 when I’ve got my first Aigner bracelet. Their simple but yet elegant design attracted me right away. I visit their store many times after that, just to admire their bags and belts, since I wasn’t able to afford any of it. I seriously love their signature A, since my name starts with A 🙂 . Jokes aside, Aigner designs are amazing.

My eye got caught on one of their belts, almost two years ago. I wanted to have it so bad, but somehow I never managed to get it. To be honest price would scare me every time I saw it.  This year as my birthday gift I wanted their belt, so my hubby, amazing as he is, decided  to get it for me. During our time in  Aigner  outlet store  I saw an amazing WOC in my favorite color. Our best man was kind enough to offer to buy  it for me as my birthday present, since I liked it so much.  How lucky can one girl be? A lot !  After I discovered their Outlet shop I decided to get also a card holder, since my previous one I gave away and this one was on sale and in amazing color.

I have on my wishlist many of  Aigner  bags, but the most one needed ( better to say wanted) is Pina bag... Oh, my dear God, that bag is amazing! If you don’t know which one is that, check Instagram! Every It girl, or fashion blogger is having one… I’m not yet so lucky to get one gifted, but maybe one day I will get it for myself.

Me and my working college always joke that Aigner is life, since it is! What do you think about my small Aigner collection?

With love,

aigner belt


Aigner cardholder


Aigner bag



2 thoughts on “Aigner , the love story

  1. Hi Azra, I think it is very interesting how you describe your love to that brand. I really like the simple design too and got a couple of presents for friends of Aigner before. Very elegant bracelets. Thank you for your nice written blog.
    Greetings from Michael Keulemann from Hanover

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